Victorian London: Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers

These three talks describe how Victorian Londoners responded to the challenges of disease, crime and congestion. They are suitable for societies, conferences and professional groups and include recommendations of key places to visit.

London: The Doctor’s Story

This broad survey describes not just the importance of medical advances but how campaigners and legislators took up the cause of clean air, water and food.

London: The Lawyer’s Story

Charles Booth estimated that up to 100,000 Londoners were part of the ‘vicious and semi-criminal classes.’ This talk explores the Victorians’ conception of ‘criminality’ and poverty and the development of London’s criminal justice system through the police, the courts and prison reform.

London: The Commuter’s Story

Until 1750 London Bridge was the only way to cross the Thames on foot. This talk looks at the creation of new roads and bridges and the introduction of public bus, rail and underground services.

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