The Industrial Revolution, Joseph Wright of Derby and Eighteenth Century Ceramics

Two Lectures Exploring the Causes and Culture of the Industrial Revolution

Traditionally the Industrial Revolution has been described in terms of scientific and technical advances. Yet its real origins lie in the political and social transformation of Georgian England, its intellectual and agrarian revolutions and its acquisition of a trading empire. The first talk will show how these coincided with improved communications, entrepreneurship and engineering to enable Britain’s to exploit its demographic and geological advantages.

A second talk will look at the response of Wordsworth, Blake and Joseph Wright of Derby. It will show how they were influenced by changing ideas about science, religion, nature and politics as well as by contemporary debates about slavery, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars. It will also discuss the responses of the Pre-Raphaelites, Dickens and L.S. Lowry and will compare the ceramics industry to the development of textiles, iron and coal.

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I also offer separate talks about ‘Joseph Wright of Derby’ and ‘British Eighteenth Century Ceramics’.

The Industrial Revolution