Ten Mediterranean and Baltic Cities

A Brief Comparison of the Culture of the Mediterranean and the Baltic

Plato once famously compared the great classical cultures that were grouped around the Mediterranean to frogs around a pond. The first of these five ‘big picture’ lectures will explore how the coherence of this culture was shattered by the fall of Rome and the rise of Islam. Others will look at the re-emergence of Italy in the Renaissance, the legacy of the Moors in Spain and the rivalry of colonial interests in the Middle East from Napoleon onwards.

In contrast the second group will explore imperial and trading links between Russia, Scandinavia, the Baltic states and north Germany. It will examine the influence of the Viking explorations and cultural landmarks such as the Great Northern War, the creation of St Petersburg and the flowering of Nordic art in the work of Ibsen, Munch and Strindberg.

The first five are offered as individual lectures for groups visiting Alexandria, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Venice or Valencia. The others are intended for visitors to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, St Petersburg or Riga. The talks can also be booked as a series or for study days.